Saturday, July 24, 2010

Leon Lai Implies TVB Copies Japanese Drama

Leon Lai attended to a RTHK radio drama event yesterday and shared his experiences of creation and reading with viewers. He displayed his role as "king of golden phrase," implying unconsciously that TVB copies Japanese drama. Leon praised RTHK is the most positive, not like other stations, copying Japanese drama but won't admit it. Then he stepped down on nowadays record albums just care about whether the cover is attractive. In the end, out of ten songs in the album, only one song is good; why not just download songs. Later Leon was asked whether many people are plagiarizing? He said: "It's just everyone keeps asking me, but reporters don't tell the truth, and magazines believe it would sell. But in fact it won't sell well gradually. If this atmosphere isn't fixed, soon there is nothing good to write." Telling people to download illegally? "No, talking about legal downloads. If you download illegally, you aren't in control anyways."

Talked about he would be one of the pallbearers for mentor Dai Si Chung? Leon said: "I would definitely attend to the funeral, but don't transform teacher's death as a news. I also told friends around me. If one day I left, just press a button, I don't want to bother friends. But this is only my thought, have to respect teacher." Whether there are too many troubling matters near him? "No, just feeling troublesome for you guys. Don't want to reply again, it would become news if I repeat."

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @


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