Monday, July 5, 2010

Queenie Chu Breaks Her Silence For Boyfriend

Source: Takungpao / Translated by: KAY @

Earlier a magazine reported Queenie Chu is hooked up an IT talent, but he went to find other girls behind Quenie's back. Yesterday Queenie returned to TV City and accepted interview by "The Scoop," and fought back inaccurate report. She admitted dating this man and they knew each other for a very long time. The report is not fair to people around her so there is a need to clarify and return her justice.

Queenie said after the report is out she already explained the incident to Virginia Lok and is supported by the company. She said: "In the past whenever there are negative reports about me, I would choose to be silent, couldn't say too much, hoping my hard work would be acknowledged by viewers, trying to use action to change negative reports. But this time it didn't just affect my image, plus most of its content is inaccurate."

Queenie said dating is something happy and she is supported by family and friends. She has three points to clarify: "First of all, I am not hooking up rich guys. I knew this person 9 years ago. Because there's an opportunity,  we have a chance to be together. We just started dating several months ago. We see each other as marriage partners. Secondly, the report said my boyfriend hugs hot girls, in fact that night he was just introducing that girl to a guy who recently broke up with his girlfriend, it's just the magazine didn't publish the photo of that guy, plus they were educated in western countries, it's normal for him to have a western style goodbye hug. Thirdly, I never knew a Wenzhou rich man. I have friends who live at Residence Bel-Air, so I go to the club there often to exercise." Queenie said this time the report exceeds her bottom line. Plus her other half is involved, so she would stand up and ask for justice. She doesn't want others using humiliated words to describe her partner.


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