Monday, July 5, 2010

Sammi Denies Getting Married With Andy Hui

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @

Sammi Cheng held a concert in Taipei Arena last night. She wore a "wedding gown" and sang ex Andy Hui's well-known songs 《上弦月》, 《唯獨你是不可取替》, then she sang 《痴痴為你等》, 《捨不得你》, 《我應該得到》, she seemed to send a message to Andy through songs. However, Sammi denied there isn't any special meaning: "Everyone overthought!"

Questioned whether she's hinting she is getting married with Andy? Sammi stressed again there isn't any special meaning: "Just that I don't have too many Mandarin songs, I really like Andy's 《上弦月》." She cleared up she wasn't a wedding gown." Asked whether she's disappointed Andy couldn't come to Taiwan to support? Whether Andy texts her? Sammi said: "Aiya! Won't talk about it anymore!"

Sammi spent about 1 million in brand new outfits for her concert and one of them is a low-cut shirt. Although she already put tape and wore something underneath, she's still afraid of exposing, however, she teased herself that on her chest "just bones no cleavage."

Because Sammi was busy practicing, she couldn't celebrate her mom's birthday with mom. She said: "For this concert, I have to lose weight, I haven't eat rice for a long time, mother wants me to eat rice, so I want to perform eating rice at my concert. Then later I felt it would be boring for all my fans to see me eating rice, so I gave up this idea."


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