Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Raymond Lam Takes Off Kate Tsui's Clothes and Has A Dance Battle With Guests

Four shows of "COME 2 ME BEAUTY LIVE ON STAGE" began in HK Coliseum last night. Raymond Lam changed his usual prince image and dyed his hair black and white. He appeared in a shiny suit and white skirt and danced with sexy female dancers. Raymond was very excited and said: "Thank you! Another year already. I'm still having an aftertaste of last year's concert. Hope today reaches 200 points!"

Female model touches all over body

Later Ramond changed a white shirt and showed up with four sexy models in a silver car. One of the models was Cathy Tsui look-a-like. The four girls gently caressed Raymond's body to warm up. Then Kate Tsui, wearing a bra top and jacket, showed up. Raymond dirty danced with her. Besides touching waist and back, Raymond also took off Kate's jacket and exposed her career line. The audience screamed with excitement again.

Later, another guest Ron Ng showed up and danced with Raymond. Kate and other models joined the battle. But Ron's moves seemed stiffy. After they danced, Raymond said: "Thanks to these two brothers, I didn't treat Kate like a girl."

Intimate on the bed

Raymond even walked down to stage and shook hands with fans. Lots of fans gathered in front of the stage and it caused a mess. Some fans even took this advantage to get closed with Raymond and wiped his sweat. Raymond later picked a female fan to the stage. A bed rose up on the stage and the two were pretending to be intimate on the bed. Raymond even put himself on the female fan, causing others to screamed with jealousy.

In addition, Raymond even invited Kelly Chen as guest and the two sang "Who is Willing to Let Go." Stars who came to support included Chrissie Chau and Stephanie Cheng etc.

Source: Oriental Daily / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com


This is nice step of dances and very attractive to new learners of dances.

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