Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Amigo Chui Avoids Stephen Chan, 'Stephen Gang' Members Meet Again But No Communication

Stephen Chan and favorites back in the day Amigo Chui and Patrick Tang attended to the opening ceremony of hair stylist Michael's hair salon. Recently arranged to return to work on-screen, Amigo saw Stephen as a stranger and has no communication at all.

Amigo Chui finds someone to be in the way

Stephen arrived the earliest. When Patrick arrived, the two chat for a little. Amigo was late and when he arrived, he tried to keep a distance away from Stephen and Patrick; he didn't talk to Stephen at all. Reporters requested Stephen, Amigo, and Patrick to take a picture together. Amigo asked hair stylist to get in the way and took a four-people group picture. Reporters requested "Stephen Gang" members again for a group picture, but Amigo walked quickly into the salon. His publicist expressed Amigo was in a hurry and left early.

Earlier Stephen was banned by TVB to have a radio program in Commercial Radio. He said: "Don't bring up matters in the past again. Now I'm waiting for company to arrange jobs." It's rumored he broke alliance with Mona Fong, Stephen described the report is creative. He didn't meet Ms. Fong and doesn't want to bother her. He would read books during this period to advance himself.

Patrick Tang admits dating Katy Kung

Patrick generously admitted dating Katy Kung, however, he denied living together: "We have rooms of development. I hope when reporters see us on the street, don't take picture of us." Patrick expressed they started for a while. He praised girlfriend is cute and understands others. Talked about old love Selena Li seems jealous of his new romance, Patrick said: "Selena and I have different lives, but we're still friends."

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com


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