Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wu Zun is Seasick But Didn't Forget to Eat; Rainie Yang Enjoys Sea Breeze

New idol drama "Sunshine Angel" fancied the unpolluted Okinwana and used it to film a love story featuring sea and sunshine. The crew spent much money in renting helicopters and yachts to film scenes on the sea. In the end because of big waves, Wu Zun, who was on a speedboat, and staffs on the helicopter went seasick; only Rainie Yang was fine and remained cheerful.

Rainie plays a Taiwanese who grew up in Okinawa in this drama. When she arrived Okinawa, she first put on bronze lotion, trying to make her skin look tanned. She worried her pale legs won't make her look like a local Okinawa resident. Director told her don't worry, because he just came to Okinaawa and filmed for one day, he already turned tanned. Wu Zun's forehead and nose were sunburned.

Production unit spent money on yacht and helicopters. Wu Zun, who gets seasick easily, held onto his sickness to prevent throwing up, he even showed off by controlling the yacht with single hand. They thought Wu Zun can't eat lunch due to seasick, but he said he would eat if he can, otherwise if he wants to throw up later nothing would come out.

When filming helicopter scenes, the crew got close with the sea several times and Wu Zun felt dizzy immediately. In contract, Rainie was still energetic. She said she likes the sea a lot and she reminded staff to look far away to enjoy sea breeze.

Source: UDN / Translated by: KAY @


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