Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ah Sa Once Bitten Twice Shy, Raymond Lam Rather Get A Maid

Recently, in EEG and Shaw Brothers' joint collaborated film The Emerald and the Pearl starring Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) and Raymond Lam are involved in a square of love, but in real life both expressed that they absolutely cannot accept it. Ah Sa frankly said a friend of hers experienced this type of relationship and eventually had to accept 'as long as the man knows where home is', making Ah Sa feel helpless. She said: "In this kind of situation, no matter how much I love the man, I will still immediately leave heartlessly. Perhaps because I'm a Scorpio, when I love someone I will give my whole self to love him, but at the same time I hold a strong strength. I want to be my other half's only one and I have to be his only one."

A Listener is enough

Raymond has not been in a relationship since college, he basically expressed he won't start a confusing relationship. Although he has always hoped for a romantic relationship, when he thinks about his tight work schedule then he will naturally take a step back and does not have to the courage to start. He joked: "Before I talked about girlfriends with Ron Ng and we joked that in this industry, we want a 'maid' (Ah Sei) more than a girlfriend!"

After Ah Sa's 4 year marriage with Ronald Cheng ended, she began to have a new view on love. She expressed that she is currently living comfortably and is not forcing anything or causing tensions. However when asked about starting a family, Ah Sa said with hesitation: "I don't know either, after one marriage experience, both of us has learned mutual trust and to keep a promise, but in reality that really caused a lot of problems. So I will not deliberately wish for it anymore. (Do you really enjoy the single life now?) I enjoy everything, now I am not afraid that anything will affect me because I'll go talk to someone about it, but do not need any comfort. It is enough to have a listener, I know I can get better slowly because I have never forced myself into a death path, committing suicide that kind."

Body like an old granny

Raymond and Ah Sa have been in the industry for more than 10 years, though they do have the fame and wealth, but behind the scenes they really sacrificed a lot. Raymond said: "Actually I'm quite contradictory. Before I really wanted to earn more money, so my family won't have any worries or burdens in life, but eventually I discovered that I missed a lot of time!" As for Ah Sa's health getting weaker in the past year, she said: "For my current illness, it is hard to get better, before I would never miss any public events that I attend alone. But there was one time I was going to fly to Shanghai for an event, when I reached the airport, I really couldn't hold it anymore and had turn around, singing and filming are my ideals, but if my health is not good then I can't do anything. Now, my body is like an old granny, so now I do want to rest more."

Although some people say how many ten years are there in life, to the entertainment circle artists like Raymond and Ah Sa, money is not what they currently want to pursue in life, Raymond said: "These days, my work schedule is allocated well, I hope to have more time to spend with my family. Daddy and Mommy are starting to get older, I really hope to take them on a trip around the world next year." Turns out that since Raymond's entry into the industry, the further family vacation they have been on is Shantou. If his parents wants to see him, they will just have to fly to the location of where Raymond is doing stage work, their time spent together is just limited to a having a meal.

Having said that, Raymond could not help but blame himself, he said: "My parents don't need my money, it is not money that will satisfy them, so I want to take Mom out for clothes shopping because when we were young it is Mom who bought us clothes, although it is something small, I believe that will make her really happy! (So little time to see each other, tell your parents to live with you?) Because my parents have business in Mainland, can't come back to Hong Kong to live, but we do have family meetings, talk about some of our big plans, it is not that we don't have communication."

Give up on pursing fame and fortune

Ah Sa said she has intentions of letting go of fame and fortune, taking a year off to rest and recover her health. Although a year time can really change a lot, Ah Sa frankly said 'can't worry too much': "Well fate destined me this occupation, I am dedicated to giving to performing arts, even if I'm done resting, I will continue. I remember last year the most serious was when I collapsed on the ground, it is frighten. I am personally low on blood sugar and often get stomach cramps. Before I faint, I usually know it's coming, but that time I really couldn't have guessed. The doctor said that there is no medicine to prevent this too!"

Madly spending money all in one go

Raymond was born to a wealthy family, Ah Sa grew up in a well-off family. Towards money, both of them have the same opinions. Ah Sa exposed that a colleague teased that she's stingy, she said: "Besides the great cost of buying house and car, I feel that using 10 dollars to buy something is already really expensive to me. Mani always tells me to buy a diamond to hold value, saying that within a year the diamond will be greater in value, but I feel that it's not necessity!"

But someone who loves her family, Ah Sa frankly said she spends a lot on her family and is absolutely willing to. Earlier Ah Sa's grandfather was seriously ill, while she was busy with work and couldn't go see him. So to take advantage of time, she broke off her stingy personality and went on a direct flight on a helicopter to Macau hospital to see her beloved grandfather. She said: "Not even a week I spent 50,000 dollars, but my family did not mind! Because I am very close with my family, even if we don't see ach other, we often talk on the phone. My dad recently even started playing with Weibo, so we can communicate through that network."

Have always lived in luxury provided by his parents, Raymond recently used his 10 year savings to purchase a 20 million, more than 1000 sq ft luxury home in the Western District and then bought a Maserati sports car for over a million dollars as a way to reward himself. Raymond said: "Haha! Usually I don't really have the opportunity to spend money, this time I emptying my pockets all in one go, have to start saving all over again!"


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