Saturday, August 7, 2010

Angela Chang's Parents Were No Show At Her Concert

Angela Chang returned to the Taipei Arena for the first time in 3 years for her “Pandora” world tour.  The concert attracted 9000 fans and earned 18 million NTD in ticket sales. All eyes were on whether her parents would attend after she had a very public feud with her mom last year. She openly invited her parents to the concert two months ago, but in the end, they were nowhere to be seen. Her so-called very important male friend “Sky” was present at the show but hid himself among the crowd.  He sent her a floral arrangement with the message “An angel with invisible wings stole my heart.”

Linfair Records contacted Angela Chang’s parents numerous times but her mom declined saying that she “didn’t want to take away the attention, and family matters should be resolved in private.” The organizers reserved 6 seats in the VIP area for her family, which her younger brother and sister eventually shared with their friends from Canada.

It was a very different story back in 2006 when the entire Chang family attended her first ever world concert tour in Shanghai.  Later in 2007, her mom happily accompanied her at the after party of her first concert at the Taipei Arena. Angela Change previously said she has done everything she could, but she couldn’t predict whether they would come in the end. After the concert, she responded through her company, “Maybe my effort wasn’t enough. It’s a bit of a pity.”

Among the concert attendees was her ex Jason Hsu, who went to the show with his friends Sam Wang,Mickey Huang and Xiao Tian Tian. When asked if he is worried about running into Sky, he said, “I won’t know it's him even if he sits beside me, but if it happens then (I) will politely greet him.”

The concert was an extravagant fashion show for Angela Chang.  She descended onto the stage wearing a 5 kg antler head piece looking like a “Pandora bride”. After her veil was lifted, it revealed a diamond studded outfit that increased her cup size from B to D. She sang many fan favorites including “Aurora” and “Invisible Wings”.  Weibird Wei and Chen Han Dian were the special guests of the night.

Source: Appledaily, Libertytimes, UDN / Writtten by: PA @ CpopAccess


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