Saturday, August 7, 2010

Raymond Lam Ready to Battle Ah Sa On the Bed

Raymond Lam, Charlene Choi (Ah Sa), and Wong Cho Lam went to a theater yesterday to hold a thank-you event for movie "The Emerald and the Pearl." Arrived to the event first, Raymond was surrounded by many fans when he showed up at the theater. He expressed he didn't get scratched by fans.

Relax personal limit

Because Raymond and Ah Sa have a kissing scene in this movie, asked whether he feels it wasn't extreme enough and would he give more surprises to viewers? He said: "Then let's be more extreme in the next movie. (Bed scene?) Okay. I would relax my limit if the story is set at a modern time. But the selling point of this movie is not the kissing scene." Earlier Joey Yung and Ah Sa expressed if box office of this movie is good, they would rip off his leg hair and his leg hair is safe at this moment. Raymond joked: "Hope the box office can get better. It doesn't matter to give up some leg hair!"

Ah Sa said she enjoys filming the movie and doesn't mind other things. As for filming bed scenes, in the beginning she didn't believe Raymond said that. Later she joked: "Okay, if it's necessary. But I'm afraid because he has so many fans. He is prince charming. (Whether he is your prince charming?) I can only answer yes! (Electrified by him?) Electrified? Many times, even causing hair loss."

Suggests Raymond to run nude

Ah Sa expressed it was her first time promoting in theaters in Hong Kong, but she has to do the same thing when she go to Mainland. Asked how would they promote, Ah Sa said: "Don't know! Maybe ask Raymond to run nude, because he has lots of fans! If Joey and I were to run nude, no one would want to watch. We can support Raymond next time!"

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @


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