Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Artistes Are Upset At Hostage Crisis in Philippine

At the end of the11-hour hostage standoff in Philippine yesterday, 8 deaths of Hong Kongers are confirmed. Artistes all expressed their condolence and mourned the dead. Mourning ceremony is arranged in many public events today and attended artistes all wear plain and black clothing to express their condolence.

Due to the affect of the yesterday's hostage crisis, Richie Ren canceled his plan to hold his first concert in Philippine in November. He expressed his company believes it's not suitable for him to go at this moment. Concerning the safety of their idol, many of Richie's fans also advised Richie shouldn't go to Philippine.

Besides paying their respect to the dead, many artistes are angered at the actions taken by the Filipino police and government. They criticized the police didn't properly handled this dangerous situation and took too long to rescue the hostages. Many of them expressed they would not go to Philippine at least for now:

Steven Ma: I hate that one person's fault led to the death of others!...don't understand how to handle the cris? Then don't mess with it! How come you have to take others' innocent lives to prove your incompetence?

Ella Koon: Really mad and upset. Although I'm not a police, but I saw many opportunities for them to take down the gunman. But they chose to break in using force...Now I don't know whether I would go to Philippine again, because that place is really disturbing.

Raymond Wong: The country, the government, and the police don't even have the basic knowledge of how to protect citizens.

Cally Kwong:  Level of the rescue strategy is very low, people aren't smart enough...He was standing at the door when he released the hostage. Police could've shoot him. I really don't understand. You see plots like this in movies all the time.

Roger Kwok and Cindy Ou: Watched interview with the Filipino president...he was smiling frivolously! 

Michael Tse: After this incident, I've lost confidence at their police and security.

Source: Integrated sources / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


Some actors and actresses also post something at their weibo.

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