Monday, August 16, 2010

Jacqueline Ch'ng's 'New Boobs' Feel Like Health Balls

Model Jacqueline Ch'ng earlier admitted having boob job and double eye lid surgery. Yesterday it was her first time "showing" the result to everyone. Wearing a wedding dress, her cup-size obviously increased a lot. She exposed some friends touched her boobs and said they feel hard like health balls; she needs to message to make them turn normal. Reporters praised it's really spectacular, she said: "Of course, otherwise why would I do it? But it still swells a little, don't know the exact size, but should increased 2 cup-size. (Whether not used to it?) It feels heavier, waist would get tired easily."

She also disclosed after she had her boob job, many people put their attention on her boobs and even some people are interested in getting the same surgery: "Many friends called me telling me they want to do it, too, some people in the showbiz also called to ask how am I doing. (Who?) Won't say it lar, they're just concerning about me." Reporters joked whether boyfriend Deep Ng takes a look at her figure yet? She said: "No, but he told me to send him some photos. (Send boob photos?) No, because I said something about my eyes, he wants to see it. Actually he cares whether I'm in pain than the final product."

Talked about she once criticized 'lang mo' (pseudo models) earn money with their boobs, but now she went to have a boob job, Jacqueline said: "I'm not targeting girls with good bodies but those who focus only on their boobs. Now my figure is better, but won't just focus on my boobs." As for her new double eye lids, because she put on double eye lids tape before, so there isn't an obvious difference for her eyes.

Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


Model Jacqueline Ch'ng is looking prettier in all the dresses hence we can say that she has totally change her look.

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