Thursday, August 26, 2010

'Monga' Replaces 'Hear Me' to Compete in the Academy Awards

Taiwanese movie "Hear Me" (聽說) was picked to represent Taiwan to compete in the 83rd Academy Awards 'Best Foreign Film.' However, it became disqualified because its release date isn't in the required time period. After the Government Information Office held another meeting, they decided to replace it with "Monga" (艋舺). Actors and staff from "Monga" are very excited. But director Doze Niu calmly said: "It's more important for us to film this movie as good as we can. As for other things, would only respect and appreciate them. Maybe be happy when we are able to get nominated."

Mark Chao is unsuitable to appear too happy because his movie replaced good friend Ivy Chen's movie. He said embarrassingly: "I feel bad for 'Hear Me' too. But that's not something I can decide at." Just returned Taiwan from England, Rhydian Vaughan said happily: "Last summer, we were filming in the sun, blood, and sweat. Today, hearing this good news, brothers, it's worth it!" Producer of "Monga" Li Lie Ping also said calmly: "Not much feelings about it. To me, 'Monga' is the past. The new film I'm filming is the present."

Source: China Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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