Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sharon Chan Has A Bratty Personality, Into Her Character Anytime

Sharon Chan plays a bratty princess new series and said she rarely play this type of character. But in reality she actually has a boy personality. So this time she is just playing herself, even has less NG as usual.

Rarely perform in a comedy, Sharon plays a bratty princess in "Can't Buy Me Love" and in the end she is kicked out from the palace and has to be a common person. She disclosed she took some time to prepare to perform the feeling of 'falling from heaven to hell': "Because it was fun playing with Charmaine, Fala, and Linda, but in one scene, I had to focus emotions and remember my scripts when I received it. I also told company to film my part at the end, wait until I'm into my character."

Talked about playing a bratty character, Sharon said it wasn't hard to her: "Always argue with Charmaine in the series, it wasn't hard, because I was just being myself. Same with Charmaine. So less NG!" Although the series has a starry cast, but there weren't any rumors and disputes. Sharon said during filming, it was when Kara Hui won 'Best Supporting Actress' and 'Best Actress,' making all actors continued to work hard. Kara was happy to share her acting experiences."

As for another veteran actor Susan Tse, Sharon expressed Susan said she looks like her daughter, so the two got along well, Sharon said: "Sometimes during filming, I didn't know how to perform, I would call Susan to ask her. She was good enough to get to work an hour earlier to teaching, making me very touched."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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