Monday, September 20, 2010

45th Golden Bell Awards Main Nominees (TV)

Best Variety Programme:
The Biggest Political Party (CTV)
Million Dollar Class (TTV)
One Million Star (CTV)
Super Idol (SETTV)
Diamond Club (TTV)

Best Variety Programme Host:
Li Jin (Super Idol)
Chang Fei (Variety Big Brother)
Matilda Tao Ching Ying (One Million Star)
Harlem Yu (The One Million Singer)
Chu Ge Liang, Rene Hou Yi Chun (The Chu Show)

Best Television Series:
Year of the Rain (PTS)
Hakka--The Hand Holding the Kite (HakkaTV)
Hi My Sweetheart (Comic-Ritz)
Rock Baby (PTS)

Best Actor in Television Series:
Wu Chong Tian (Hakka---The Hand Holding the Kite)
Chang Cheng Kwang (Night Market Life)
James Wen (The Year of Happiness and Love)
Show Luo (Hi My Sweetheart)

Best Actress in Television Series:
Bianca Bai (Bling Days)
Kao Hui Chun (Daai---Dawn)
Amber Kuo (The Year of Happiness and Love)
Rainie Yang (Hi My Sweetheart)
Jian Man Shu (Year of the Rain)

Best Supporting Actor in Television Series:
Wu Chien He (Hakka---The Hand Holding the Kite)
Lee Yun Ching (4 Friends)
Wu Ling Shan (Daai--Fang Cao Bi Lian Tian)
Chang Cheng Kwang (Letter 1949)
Chang Yong Hua (Daai---The Practice Question of Love)

Best Supporting Actress in Television Series:
Fang Fang (Hi My Sweetheart)
Lin Mei Shiu (4 Friends)
He Shu Qin (Year of the Rain)
Kao Hui Chun (Daai---Fang Cao Bi Lian Tian)

*The award ceremony will be held on October 22, 2010


congrats to Show & Rainie!! but its a pity ppl from Autumn's Concerto didn't get nominated......

why didn't Autumn Concerto get any nominations?????

^yea it was a's nominated for some marketing award tho

congrats to amber kuo!! for being nominated.. gudluck!!

congrats to amber kuo!! for being nominated.. Gudluck!!

sucks!!!! that nothing from Autumn's Concerto was nominated...

Well awards don mean too much in terms of ratings, btw, don forget the bell curse!! (Look at ariel lin, no dramas these two yrs)

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