Saturday, September 18, 2010

Amigo Chui: Support Mr. Chan Forever

Once was the general manager at TVB and "the man in control" , Stephen Chan Chi Wan (Master Chi Wan as called by others) is now officially charged by ICAC for corruption. Many associated artistes have to testify later in court. In this time period, many artistes decline to comment much and draw a line with Chan. However, Chan's favorites Amigo Chui and Patrick Tang finally replied to the incident the first time and Amigo even openly supports Chan.

Amigo frankly admitted sending SMS to Chan and he expressed Chan is feeling alright now. He denied drawing a line with Chan. "Nothing can affect my relationship with Stephen Chan," said Amigo. "I believe and will support Mr. Chan forever. I couldn't do much but I can say, without Mr. Chan, I won't be here." Healso expressed he would go to hearing if Chan needs him to go.

Another favorite Patrick also admitted sending SMS to Chan and denied TVB required artistes to keep their mouths shut. "I don't think I need to appear at court. I didn't participate in any investigation from the beginning," said Patrick. He expressed he probably won't go visit Chan at this moment but denied drawing a line with Chan. "Until this moment, he is still my mentor," he said.

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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