Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cheryl Yang Finally Looks Prettier in 'Zhong Wu Yen'

Story character Zhong Wu Yan is known for having a big red mark on her face. In order to portray this character in SETTV's "Zhong Wu Yen," Cheryl Yang didn't mind being called "ugly" by others in the drama. In yesterday's episode, she finally looks prettier even with the "birthmark" on her face. She wore a hot pink sexy dress when attending to an important event. Even her "ugly" birthmark is transformed into a pretty butterfly. She said with satisfaction: "The camera man who praise I'm pretty everyday when we were filming 'My Queen' finally praises I'm pretty this time. It's the first time in these three months."

It's known the production unit once considered removing Cheryl's birthmark in the next half of the drama. Netizens are discussing the possibility of this option when they saw the birthmark disappeared in next week's preview (Cheryl was trying on a flawless foundation make-up). Cheryl herself said she totally respect the unit's professional opinion. She thinks the mark is unique to Zhong Wu Yan, representing her personality and feature. If she has to choose, she hopes Zhong Wu Yan is the original one and male leads Ming Dao and Chris Wu Kang Ren both love the imperfect her; without the birthmark means the original essence is gone.

Source: China Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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