Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Leila Tong Continues to Deny Pregnancy Rumors

Has been keeping her love life in low profile, Leila Tong finally announced she's getting married. It's also rumored the 28 year old is pregnant.

Earlier around 4:30PM, wearing a hat, black loose dress, and shorts, Leila left her apartment and when she discovered reporters were following her, she stopped and got off from her car. Reporters asked where is she heading to and she accepted interview. "I just returned from Mainland. Originally wanted to go to my mom's house and eat, but now seeing reporters are following, I changed my mind and will go back home to cook noodles. Plus I don't want to affect neighbors near my mom's place." As for rumored being pregnant, she continued to denied. Talking about her marriage, she expressed she will have a low key wedding.

In addition, when she attended to a Wan Chai event yesterday, she replied pregnancy rumors again while drinking cold orange juice, "In fact I didn't even want to announce that I'm getting married. But my family doesn't want to hide it," she explained. Asked she is still drinking cold beverages? "I always drink them. (Not afraid it's bad for the baby?) I'll tell everyone if I'm pregnant. I really don't want to talk too much of y personal things."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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