Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ady An Refuses to Pair With Mike He?

Ady An was crowned "idol drama queen" after starring SETTV's "Autumn's Concerto." She returned to filming movies after she's done with the drama. Recently she was invited by producer Ke Yi Qin to star in new drama <我愛查沒樂>, but it was said she turned it down when she knew her partner is Mike He.

Producer Ke's new drama <我愛查沒樂> just announced its leads to be Mike He and Cyndi Wang and all actors went to a costume fitting yesterday. "Director said will make Cyndi as cute as possible, and Mike as hot as possible!" said the satisfied Ke.

However, the drama was originally set to be Joe Cheng and Joe Chen Qiao En, but Qiao En decided to film new film with Chow Yun Fat. Then female lead switched to Ady An, but this time Joe has a problem and he was replaced with Mike. Because Mike's "Calling For Love" didn't do well, Ady refused and said no to Producer Ke.

Ke frankly admitted things like this happened before but not in this idol drama. She said she never asked Ady and just asked about her schedule. Joe's manager also denied the rumor. "Ady is an excellent actress. But our schedule really couldn't fit." Mike expressed he likes the scripts and also turned down a movie for it; he knows nothing about the rumor.

Source: Liberty Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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