Monday, September 27, 2010

Spoiler Ending For 'Can't Buy Me Love' #2

(*This is a more detailed ending of "CBML" than the first one*)

Kara Hui (plays Wai Kuai Fei) is villain in the series. Because she's jealous of Charmaine Sheh (Chiu Yeung Princess), she accused Charmaine isn't the real princess, but Linda Chung (plays Ng Sey Dek). During the blood test to prove who is the real princess, she arranged to add extra substances in the bowl of water, successfully making Linda's blood to bond with the emperor's and prove she belongs to the royal family. However, Linda finds evidence and knows about the truth.

In Episode 28 (September 30), Linda will reveal the truth in front of the emperor. The emperor decides to execute Kara, but she pleads not guilty and defends herself. Then she stabs her chest with hairgear and died. The moment before she died, she shouts out Charmaine's name and look at her with grudge.

Charmaine and Moses get back together in the end. As for Raymond Wong (plays Kam Doh Shau), he marries Linda. Originally said that she can't get pregnant, Charmaine gives birth to a daughter in the last episode (October 3). The other two brothers in the Kam's family (Louis Yuen and Raymond) also have many kids on their own---happy ending for the family.

Can't get pregnant the 7 years she's in Kam family, eventually Selena Li gives birth to a lot of kids

Kenneth Ma (plays Ding Yau Wai)'s identityreveals towards the end. He is actually the son of Chiang Chi Kwong (plays Lo Dou Yuen), and Chiang is actually spying the government for Turkic people. He even want Kenneth to help him, but Kenneth rejected him. The emperor knows about Chiang's plans. He pretends to kill the Kam family but in fact just want to unveil Chiang's real identity; Chiang died in the end. Kenneth ties knot with Fala Chen (plays Szeto En Ping) and they will have 3 sons.

The Kam family is punished with death penalty, but it's actually part of the Emperor's plan
Always love money, Fala is excited see the gold pig
Kenneth & his birth father
Source: Apple Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


Wow, amazing information, i ever seen this information before,i love to know new things, thanks for sharing.

love this series!!!! good its anohter happy ending

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