Monday, September 27, 2010

Charmaine Sheh and Christine Ng's Fans Fight on Weibo

Another fans war of words on Weibo! Recently fans of Charmaine Sheh and Christine Ng have been leaving bad comments on the two artistes' Weibo to support their star, and it all started with a misunderstanding.

Earlier Charmaine uploaded a magazine photo she shoot before [on the left] on Weibo. Good friend Joel Chan "forward" (like retweet), praising she is very pretty, and Charmaine replied, "Good taste." Then Christine, who is also good friends with Joel, replied, "You're praising her only!" Joel asked Christine back, "Do you have to be this stingy?" Christine replied harshly, "You eat shit, I'll never talk to you, don't need you to praise me."

Originally just being silly on the internet, but the sensitive fans misunderstood. Some Christine fans criticized on Charmaine's Weibo, saying she is not pretty. Then Charmaine's fans fought back immediately, saying they're messing on Charmaine's Weibo. An extremist even verbally attacked Christine, "Come on! Go to Foxconn! You crazy woman! No wonder your husband died early! [Christine's first husband]"

Seeing things getting worse, yesterday Charmaine advised fans online, "To all fans who like me and Christine...please be good...don't fight again. Christine and I are good colleagues and good friends. We aren't happy seeing you all behaving like this." Christine also wrote on her Weibo, "Thanks for understanding, Princess. We're good friends, friends forever! thnx Charmaine."

Source: Singtao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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