Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Spoiler Ending of 'Can't Buy Me Love'

Recently Hong Kongers have been upset by the hostage crisis in Philipinne. TVB's "Can't Buy Me Love" is a good series to ease out the sad mood and bring out positive energy. This comedy surrounds the five princesses and they constantly create difficulties to their husbands. Their actions actually created many funny scenes. Highest rating of this series last week even peaks 37 points.

The story is reaching climax soon. Because she is jealous of her younger sister, Sharon Chan, who plays Charmaine Sheh's older sister, will bribe Moses Chan's love interest (Elaine Yiu), trying to worsen Charmaine and Moses' relationship. Sharon even try kill Elaine and blame it to Charmaine. In the end, Elaine didn't die and testify against Sharon. The emperor's mom (Susan Tse) makes Sharon as a commoner and kicks her out of the palace. As for Charmaine and Moses, they would eventually turn into a loving couple and Charmaine would give birth to a daughter.

Source: Apple Daily HK / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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