Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wu Zun Sets Himself to Love Patty Hou in Fahrenheit's MV

It's Wu Zun's first time being the male lead in Fahrenheit's MV and this time he even brainstormed ideas for it. He said: "It's finally my term. Jiro and Aaron already starred in the MV of <<留下來>> and <<寂寞暴走>>. Now I'm next!" In the MV of <<心疼你的心疼>>, Wu Zun plays a bodyguard who falls in love with an anchorwoman, which is played by former news anchor Patty Hou. Besides driving her to different places, he also has to accompany her to pick out wedding gowns and protect her away from crazy fans. Because he has to teach Patty self-defense, he showed his handsomeness while working out in the gym, which is very attractive of course.

This time's collaboration left a deep impression in Patty's mind, she said: "In the last scene where we are on an ambulance, Wu Zun must leave after he is done with his mission. From his eye expression, I sensed his caring to women and masculinity."

Source: Liberty Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


electrified eyes he has...charming

I saw the MV of this story line. She doesn't know how to act...looks fake.

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