Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Amigo Chui Trouble With Alleged Drunk-driving

Earlier, Amigo Chui allegedly assaulted his ex-girlfriend Elizabete Kwong causing a huge wave, and resulted in a repeal of the criminal charge, signing a HK$5000 1 year probation with no criminal record. After this wave came to an end, another one starts. Yesterday, Amigo was arrested for drunk-driving. According to a reader who exposed the news, Amigo was driving near Tseung Kwan O when he was tested for blood alcohol level (BAL) and the results exceeded the maximum. He was immediately arrested for drunk-driving and will need to report back to the police station next month.

Yesterday reporters called Amigo about the incident, he admitted that he was drunk driving because that night, he was having dinner with a group of behind-the-scenes crew. Everyone had not seen each other for long, so they had a few drinks during dinner. He frankly said that after dinner, he sat around for a period of time before leaving in his car. Amigo claimed that at the time, he did not feel drunk at all, so he felt that he can handle driving back home himself in his mini cooper.

Amigo recalls the situation: "We were in Tsim Sha Tsui eating dinner, then I drove home. When I was passing the Tseung Kwan O Tunnel, there was a police road block and I was stopped by them to check. After taking the BAL, the numbers exceeded the maximum, it over 30mg. (At the time were you speeding?) I wasn't speeding, I didn't drink that much, just drank beer and did not feel drunk. But I do feel that this time I am at fault, must not drive at all after drinking, this can't be argued. I learned my lesson this time, I promise that this will never happen again."

Asked if he had driven while under the influence before? He said: "No, usually I would leave my car behind and not drive if I drank, never been like this before. I won't do it again." Asked if he's worried that his image will be damaged again? He honestly said: "I already been behaving myself in life , this time I really was careless, and I regret that. I really promise that this will never happen again. (Tell TVB about it?) Yes, TVB told me to just say it all out. I know this time it is my fault, it is most important to know you are at fault, don't do it again."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: aZnangel @ AEU


Amigo is a big time loser and I don't even know why he's on television.

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