Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ella & Hebe Finally Meets the Injured Selina, SHE Reunites At the Hospital

After Selina is injured, her good sisters from S.H.E Ella and Hebe have been worried about their "lao po" (wife, Selina's nickname) and always wanted to visit her. Finally, yesterday afternoon the two went to the hospital to visit Selina after they finished their work in Mainland.

Ella and Hebe went into the isolation room and talked with Selina. They were very emotional and worried when they finally got to meet their injured S.H.E member. Selina even had to comfort them back. Ella said the injured Selina really is different from the Selina in the past. "She is tougher than we thought she would be. She is a miracle," she said. "She knows many people are concern about her, but she hopes everyone don't worry too much."

Hebe praised Selina is a brave shero (female hero, one of their singles). "Our hearts ache to see her injured. But she really is brave and strong. I adore her more now!," she said. She disclosed Selina is in a stable condition and has been in great pain. "She has to keep taking painkiller injections. But the more she inject them, she still needs to rely on herself."

Selina has a better appetite now and specially ordered pork meat rice yesterday. Doctors suggest she should eat foods with high protein and her parents specially made beef soup for their daughter. When she saw her parents, Selina even told jokes to cheer them up. She told her dad that she will listen to doctors and cooperate with them.

The singer suffers a serious 3rd degree burn on her arms and legs and might have to undergo a skin graft surgery if her injuries didn't recover well. However, more than 50% of her skin is burned and she can only take skin off from unhurt areas such as chest and stomach. It's known her medical team plans to use scalp skin for the surgery, which means Selina has to shave off all her hair.

In addition, Selina's mom confirmed that her daughter already shoot wedding photos before the accident, so at least she doesn't have to worry about that now.

Source: UDN, NowNews / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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