Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bosco Wong Asks Myolie Wu's Opinion Before Saying Yes to New Series

TVB's rumored couple Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu haven't collaborated in new projects since "Wars of In-laws 2" two years ago. Now it's confirmed they will play a couple again in director Tsui Siu Ming's new TV series <跑馬場> (Pao Ma Chang, direct translation: Race Club).

Yesterday the series held a press conference in Shenzhen and only Bosco attended; Myolie was absent due to work. Although without with rumored girlfriend, who also plays his lover in the new series, Bosco's face is still full of happiness, especially when talking about his rumored girlfriend. He even disclosed he asked Myolie's opinion before deciding to act in this series. "I called her and asked her what does she think, she also asked my opinion. We discussed about our roles and the story, and finally decided to say yes."

Bosco plays an equestrian, who is actually a descendant of the Qing royal family. He meets Myolie, who is a Sun Yat Sen supporter, and they're enemies and friends at the same time. In the end, Bosco decided to participate in the revolution. "People always want to kill me in the series, and Myolie saved me many times. But I didn't fall in love with her the first time. I'm surrounded with lots of girls and she is always jealous. Her jealousy created some funny scenes," Bosco said with a laugh.

The rumored couple will have the next 3 months seeing each other everyday and Bosco expressed he will ask Myolie to help him practice horse riding and Chinese Mandarin. "I play an equestrian in the series, but actually I don't really know how to ride a horse. Myolie learned it before, I'll go ask her for help. Also, I'm not really good with speaking Mandarin. I think I will practice it by speaking it with Myolie from now on, since we need to speak Mandarin in the series," the actor said

Source: Info Times / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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