Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fala Chen & Linda Chung Are Listed in the 'HK Big Chest Center'

Clips of sexy Hong Kong stars from three years ago are finally in the news.

A YouTube user kevinchanpl uploaded clips of stars in lingerie or swimwear when they walked for public shows and even titled the collection as "Hong Kong Big Chest Center" (香港大波中心). Stars in the videos including Fala Chen, Linda Chung, Rosemary, etc. Some scenes are focused on their chest, legs, and even butt.

These clips have been viewed more than 200k times over these three years. Some netizens praised Fala's 34C chest but some teased the 32B Linda is a "microwave" [direct translation from Chinese is 'small chest oven'].

Fala and Linda's clip is the most viewed, with more than 800k views, but Fala isn't happy about it. "Although don't really have to care too much about it, I just feel netizens can say whatever they want online now since they don't have to be responsible for it. The more improved the internet is, the less respect netizens have. Hope everyone don't be this perverted," the actress says.

She thinks it's hard to protect herself since photographers can shoot from second floor to the lower level. "Can't do too much about it. I can't just appear with a black blanket on me. It's for work. I try this hard to become an actress, hope everyone can respect us."

Teased that she doesn't have a good figure, Linda expresses she hasn't watched the clip. Will she pay more attention to the clothes she wear? "I'm always careful about the way I dress," she says.

Source: Oriental Daily, YT / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

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Not that they have big chest ......

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