Thursday, October 7, 2010

Moses Chan & Wayne Lai Prevent Raymond Lam Winning TV King

TVB's anniversary awards to be held in early December. There are already predictions of this year's TV King and Queen (Best Actor & Actress). The three highest ratings series so far this year is Moses Chan's "Can't Buy Me Love," Raymond Lam's "Mysterious of Love," and Bobby Au-Yeung's "A Pillowcase of Mystery 2." This year, Raymond is working hard on TV series, films, and music. It's obvious that TVB is trying to push his popularity to the maximum, and perhaps pushing him to be TV King, too.

However, his two biggest competitors are Moses and Wayne Lai, who is appearing soon in anniversary series "No Regrets" (aka Rosy Business 2). "No Regrets" is one of the most anticipating series and staff behind the scene and even TVB high executives praise greatly on the drama. Allthough Raymond's "Mysteries of Love" received good ratings, but his next series "Growing Through Life" didn't do so well.

Yesterday Moses and Wayne started to set ways to win "Best Actor." They were shooting promotional clips for two of next year's big dramas <心戰> & <李蓮英>. Moses and Adam Cheng acted on top of a 6-story tall building. In the series <心戰>, Moses plays a magician, but his real identity is a killer. He expressed he learned from professional magicians before. "Can't say I'm doing it to make girls happy," the actor said. "Just want to surprise people and try to create a good mood."

Partner Adam Cheng praised Moses that he is tall and handsome. He expressed he watched Moses' performance in "Can't Buy Me Love." "He has different ways to perform in different dramas, very thoughtful. I look highly on him winning TV King," Adam praised.

On the other hand, Wayne, who has a chance to win TV king again, dressed up as Li Lianying, a famous imperial eunuch in the Qing dynasty, to shoot promotion clips for <李蓮英> yesterday. He expressed on the phone that he doesn't know whether he is playing the role. "Although I've played eunuch before, but this time would be a big challenge. It's a real character in the history, plus famous Mainland actor Jiang Wen played it before, and did very well."

He expressed he is confident in winning TV king again this year, but doesn't dared to look down on Moses. "He is indeed a strong competitor," he said. He also look highly on Raymond because his series did well in ratings and is popular.

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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