Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hebe Gets Awards in Singapore, Didn't Forget Selina's Birthday

Hebe @ S.H.E recently attended to Singapore's Golden Melody Awards representing S.H.E. The group won five awards in total, including Most Popular Group, Best Group, etc. When she was on the stage to receive the award of Best Group, the audience expressed their support to another S.H.E member, the injured Selina, by shouting "Selina, Jia You!" together.

Because they miss and worry Selina a lot, Hebe and Ella have been having mixed feelings these days when they are out for work. "Today I am sitting here and getting these awards on my own, I feel very lonely," Hebe said, "Selina is facing a very different challenge in her life right now. But we are not afraid. We have confidence for the future." She couldn't hold her tears during the awards ceremony and shouted "Lao Po [wife], I love you!" on the stage.

After the awards ceremony, Hebe specially went to buy a green tea birthday cake for Selina, who is celebrating her 29th birthday today [October 31]. Hebe will be at the hospital along with Selina's family, fiance, and fellow S.H.E member Ella to celebrate Selina's birthday together.

Source: UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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