Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cheryl Yang & Harry Chang Have Fun at KTV

Actress Cheryl Yang and Da Mouth's Harry Chang sparked up after filming idol drama "My Queen" together and started their low-profile romantic relationship last year. Even though they were photographed spending the night together, but the two still keep denying their relationship, defending it is merely "friendship."

Yesterday in early morning, reporters spotted the couple at a KTV. Cheryl walked out from the KTV room with a bunch of friends first. Then the crowd took the elevator down to the ground level along with Harry. Originally still chatting happily, Cheryl and Harry immediately stood away and kept a distance between each other. They stayed alert and kept looking around for "suspicious people" (paparazzi perhaps?). Harry intended to leave with Cheryl together, but maybe because he noticed they were being photographed, he suddenly walked away and took the taxi instead. Cheryl appeared to be a little confused, and left with her friends in the end.

It's known that night was the birthday of a staff member from "My Queen." Cheryl's manager expressed the staff is very good friends with Cheryl. Harry's manager still stressed the two's relationship is always just good friends.

Source: Liberty Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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