Thursday, October 14, 2010

HK Actresses Who Financially Support Boyfriends

Jessica Hsuan
The well-known TVB actress announced to get married by next year and will have children. But it's rumored that she bought a 500k HKD worth Mercedes Benz for her veterinarian boyfriend. Although her boyfriend's salary isn't that bad, but compared to Jessica's, it's still not that much.

Cecilia Cheung
The mother of two has revealed in a Taiwanese TV show that when she was 16, she once worked several jobs just to support her boyfriend. It's known she had to pay for rent, tuition, and boyfriend's transportation fees back then, working 6AM-4AM everyday. She even worked in the kitchen and served food to customers.

Ada Choi
The TVB actress married Mainland actor Max Zhang in 2008. Although both work in the showbiz, but they two stand at a different level: Ada is one of the popular TVB actress and is well-known in Hong Kong, Mainland, and other areas; Max is still trying to work on his career. After they get married, Ada is still the one who has more jobs.

Rosamund Kwan
Several years ago, the well-known actress dated model Jimmy Wong, who is 8 years younger than she is. Even he has Rosamund as his girlfriend, but Jimmy's career didn't get better because of that. In contrast, Rosamund is the one who bought cars and house for him.

Vivian Chow
It's known after the forever girl-next-door started Joe Nieh, who is her husband now, she has been letting him use her money and it's the reason why she has came back to the showbiz.

Carol Cheng
Twenty years ago, savings of the TVB actress and MC already exceeded 2 million HKD. It's rumored her ex-boyfriend Lui Fong met a young girl around 20, who is willing to have kids for him. He asked money from Carol often so he can support his little girlfriend, and this is why the two broke up.

Source: chinaacc / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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