Thursday, October 14, 2010

Inside Story: Ah Sa's Thoughts On Her New Relationship

It's supposed to be good when stars are making public of their relationships so outsiders won't criticize them of lying. However, after Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) chose to announce her new relationship with singer William Chan, there are still negative rumors about her, judging it's not just a simple 3-months relationship. Ah Sa wishes nothing more, but hopes media can give some time and space for her to develop this relationship.

Once thought she found the man of her life, Ah Sa decided to get married when she was only 23, an age when other female stars are working hard on their careers. But she couldn't announce this new good news to everyone, but had to keep it a secret between she and former husband Ronald Cheng.

But this 4-years marriage still ended.

Fortunately, she met another good guy and decided to love again. But it's soon exposed by the media, forcing her to announce it early and couldn't follow her plan of making it public once the relationship is stable.

Reporters doubted Ah Sa & William in fact have been dating for more than a year. Even William's ex-girlfriend Angelababy commented online, suspicious of the length of the relationship. Ah Sa won't stay quite this time. "I'm not someone who falls in love at one sight. Every of my relationships started from friendship," she explains. "Although I've known William for many years, but we weren't that close in the past, until recent years we've become friends after collaborating more at work. We were single when we developed a relationship. At that moment, our thoughts and distance are very similar and close, and finally realized the mysteries of fate. Our birthdays are only a day apart, we exercise at the same place, both like red colors, we really matched."

Ah Sa and William stand at a different level in showbiz, amount of savings, and popularity. How does Ah Sa comforts William about this? "It's not fair to compare like this. I'm in the showbiz for 10 years already, only 6 years for him. I gain what I have now from over these years. How do you know he can be the same several years later? When I like someone, I won't mind his age, how much money he has, his status. It's feeling when you like someone. As long as I like him, he likes me, then it's fine. If I don't like this person, whatever he does won't move me."

Ah Sa continues, "Although there some distance between us, but it's fine as long as we long for the same thing. I just want someone to love me, love and cherish, not someone who just know how to talk about it and won't take action. William does what he says. Although we are together only a short amount of time, but whenever I need something from him, he will definitely give me what I want, not everyone can do this! I found out now he is the one relaxing me a lot. He is an optimistic and happy person, this is something I admire him of."

Although William is taking some pressure from this relationship, too, but Ah Sa says, "This time we came to an agreement. We made thought about problems that might occur, and we face them frankly. We're prepared for others to gossip and make irresponsible remarks. We stand by each other and support that way, won't let other things to affect us. I know, it could be hard for us to continue, but we can only choose to face everything together. Rumors stop when they come to a wise person. Happiness is not given by others, but to get it on your own. I've experienced the strangest incident, and I'm still here, all good and healthy. As long as I'm still living in this world, there will be turning points."

William already expressed he sees Ah Sa as a marriage partner, what does Ah Sa expects from this relationship? "Of course to just let it be. I also hope to marry him one day. But not that I'm not confident in William. I just been through a divorce, and need time to adjust. I hope I can walk to the end of life with him, because people whose astrology sign are Scorpio treat every relationship seriously, will unleash their all of their emotions quickly."

What psychological barrier did she overcome before deciding to be with William? "First, of course the problem of whether to make it public or not. What would happen if I make it public? What about if I don't? William is 3 years younger, I know people will look at us with weird expressions. In fact our age is not too far apart. I'm just a simple person. He is able to change me. I was stubborn in the past. I really minded what others think. But he is optimistic. Now nothing is more important than my happiness. People will accuse you if you don't make it public, they will still criticize you even if you make it public. I learned from the experience of not making my relationship public, proving Plan A is impossible, so this time I really want to let everyone know. In fact, it's hard to hide it, you have to be very careful doing everything. We can't go everywhere, so this time I don't want to be like that."

Would she worry fans won't accept her new relationship? "It's a different generation now. Fans also want me to be happy. It's not a problem to open it up now, it's just on the first day, fans are a little shocked and couldn't really accept. But after a few days, fans started to give me blessings. I just want to do what I want to do, and live the way I want to live. Once I decided to do it, of course I'll be responsible for it."

Source: Singtao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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