Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mike He Loses Weight to Match Cyndi Wang

Mike He and Cyndi Wang are collaborating in new idol drama <<美樂。加油>> and the drama held a press conference yesterday. In the drama, Mike will fight with his brother, play by Eli Shih, for Cyndi. In order to match and look good with Cyndi in the drama, the two love rivals must lose some weight first. After all, Cyndi only weights 41kg!

Before the official competition to win Cyndi's heart in the drama, Mike and Eli are in a competition of losing weight. Mike even boasts his chest muscle looks good now when he wears V-neck shirt, making Eli shouts "absolutely can't lose!"

Mike plays a stubborn famous composer and producer who is hard to work with. Eli plays an unfaithful man. They have relationships with Cyndi, playing someone who always live for other people, and Michelle Chang (also known as the "Little Ady An").

In addition, Cyndi admits she still keep in contact with rumored boyfriend Lee Wei. Talked about her most memorable way he used to pursue her, she jokes it was the caring phone calls. She also admits having some pursuers right now. "If no one is pursuing, then it would be a little sad!," she says with a smile.

Source: UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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