Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Roger Kwok Praises Bernice Liu's Chest is Very Comfortable

Yesterday Roger Kwok and Bernice Liu attended TVB new sitcom Show Me The Happy blessing ceremony. Roger exposed that he'll have to sleep on Bernice Liu's chest for a scene, and since the two refused to demonstrate the scene live on the spot, they used a food tray in between to show how the scene was like. Roger laughed: "We have already started working for two weeks. One time I accidentally sprained my neck and my face muscles started twitching. Luckily after seeing the doctor, I was able to recover. The doctor said that there is some pressure put on the nerves, I think it was because of that scene where Bernice had to save me through CPR when I fainted and fell on her chest. (At the time did it feel good?) How do you know? She asked me if there was pressure. Actually I have never felt more comfortable when filming, we quickly became familiar after our first collaboration. (Not afraid Moses Chan will be upset?) Earlier I asked him to help me buy a coffee pot. I'll try not to mention the scene to him, let him buy me the coffee pot first! Everyone else in the world don't let him find out."

Roger greatly praised that he's very comfortable when working with Bernice, she said: "Yes, perhaps he feels safe, sometimes it's hard to explain, Roger is personally a very good person. He is not afraid to film anything. Other people may feel very embarrassed, but with him it's very comfortable. (Did you tell Moses about it?) No. (Moses already experienced this before?) In Love Bond, first [on-screen] kiss was given to Moses!"

Source: Mingpao / Translation: aZnangel @ AEU


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