Saturday, October 16, 2010

Myolie Wu & Jessica Hsuan Fight to Guess Interesting Japanese Products

Besides cars, Japanese are also known for their creative and cool creations for everyday life. Lately reporters bring two interesting Japanese products to TV City and let TVB stars to guess what these products are use for. Besides having creative imaginations, these stars are very playful, too---Myolie Wu & Jessica Hsuan are careless of their heavy accessories and costumes and even fight to guess the right answer.

Reporters ask Myolie to guess the function of a mini handgun and she immediately replies it's for acne. Good sister from series Jessica walks to Myolie when she sees Myolie is playing with the mini handgun. "Are you playing with suicide?," she asks Myolie. Then the two fight to play with the handgun. When reporters reveal it's for removing blackheads, Jessica keeps asking, "Does it really work?! Let me try!"

Then it's Jessica's turn to guess a mini stick-like machine. She first speaks closely to the machine for a while, and decides to give up after seeing it doesn't response. When reporters reveal it's for testing bad mouth breath, Jessica asks immediately, "Can I try it with my dog?"

Other TVB artistes

Kenneth Ma: "Is the gun for minimizing pores? Then this pink stick...must for testing something, is it for testing face oil?

Louis Yuen: "I know this mysterious gun is for sucking, would it be a gun to suck baby's earwax?"

Jessie Shum: "Is this stick for pregnancy testing? Or a temperature probe for babies?"

Louis Lee: "Is it an electric gun?! Something's going to come out?!

Joel Chan: "I know! This gun must be something to get rid of blackheads or acne! And this stick...should be for breath testing, because I've seen this machine on magazines."

Source: Sudden Weekly / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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