Tuesday, October 19, 2010

'No Regrets' Debuts With Average Rating 32 Pts Only

One of the most anticipating TVB series of the year "No Regrets" is finally on air. It was premiered last night after the anniversary lightning ceremony. Everyone has high expectations on the premier and lead Wayne Lai even expects average rating of the premier would be 38 points. However, the result is only 32 points, peaking 36 points, but it's already better than the series' first installment "Rosy Business" last year, which received average rating of 27 points from the premier.

But the cast is not discouraged and hopes ratings in upcoming episodes would go up. "Many people said they couldn't get home on time to watch it. I believe ratings would be better if it was to air after 9PM," Wayne said at the dinner party held by actors from the series. As one of the favorites for the anniversary award "Most Improved Actor," Raymond Wong isn't too satisfied with last night's average ratings. "It could be better, but I'm confident in upcoming episodes," he said. "I won't let producer Lee Tim Sing to clean cow dung!"

In addition, netizens love to look for bloopers while they watch series, and they already dig out some. "No Regrets" sets the 1930s Guangzhou as its story setting. But some netizens pointed out the car where the police was in shouldn't exist in that time era. Some also pointed out the helmet Evergreen Mak wore in the series is not a product of that generation.

As for this accusations, Wayne explained their props are limited. "It's hard to find a police car used in Guangzhou 70 years ago. If you require that much on the props, then historical dramas are very hard to be done."

As for Charmaine Sheh's absence from the anniversary award ceremony increased Sheren Tang's chance of winning TV Queen, Sheren expressed at the dinner party last night the rumor isn't true. "How could people not win if they miss the show? If she won, the company would ask her to come back from work," she said. She also said she has work in Mainland that night and would return to Hong Kong if necessary.

Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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