Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fala Chen Personal Email Gets Stolen, Used to Open Fake Facebook Account

Moses Chan and Fala Chen modeled for the fashion brands V.E. DELURE and TESTANTIN's latest Fall and Winter collection. Speaking of someone using Weibo to release negative news about Dicky Cheung, checking Weibo almost everyday, Fala said: "Terrifying! Hope Weibo adds more security and protection. Normally when I post something, I would go online to check it one more time. My often change my password too, hoping that these things won't happen again. One time someone used my personal email to sign up for a Facebook account, then I constantly received unknown emails, I discovered the issue when I felt something was wrong, so I really understand how Dicky feels."

Moses said that he doesn't have Weibo or Facebook accounts, normally he'll just upload coffee related photos on Twitter because he has always been skeptical about the data circulated online. He said: "There are too many messages on the internet, it's better for someone to say it in person because comments on the internet can spread through the world, have to be extra careful. I have always been rational, if not said in person or if there is no evidence, I will not believe it. But the majority of HK people are about gossips, will only believe half." Moses has also received a phone call from an unknown person, but he had good ideas to make the person stop. He said: "If the person really knows me, then there are two questions I can ask to ensure that they know me or I will tell the person to take out a group photo to prove it! The audience now are very smart, they don't easily trust rumors."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: aZnangel @ AEU


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