Wednesday, October 6, 2010

TVB's 'Every Move You Make' Plagiarizes American Series 'Lie to me'?

This year, TVB has been plagiarizing from beginning to end. The other night, TVB new series Every Move You Make premiered and was accused of plagiarizing American series Lie to me. Even TVB Producer (Gary Tang) predicted earlier there will be a series copying Lie to me!

The night before, Bowie Lam's Every Move You Make premiered, Netizens discovered that the series plagiarized American popular series Lie to me, whether if it's the characters or the story, both series are very similar.

Speaking of the similarities between the two series, Bowie's character and the main lead from Lie to me both developed childhood trauma due to an unexpected death of a loved one. The two characters loves to watch clips to analyze suspects' expressions and movements. Also both series have former American President Bill Clinton's affair as a case, analyzing the body language of the suspect to solve the case. In the past, TVB producer Gary Tang produced several high rated series including Files of Justice and Healing Hands, he predicted long ago that this will happen: "I have seen Lie to me, it is really a good series! At the time after I finished watching, I thought when will TVB have this type of series? What do you know, they did plagiarized and in fact plagiarized completely!" As for the Broadcasting Authority, yesterday they received 2 complaints regarding the plagiarism. 

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: aZnangel @ AEU 


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