Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bosco Wong's Dog Kapun Dies, Myolie Wu Comforts

Bosco Wong had always been a dog lover, but yesterday at 4am he tweeted on Weibo that his beloved "son" and dog-star Kapun, who once participated in TVB series Burning Flames 3 passed away. Bosco and his mother is very sad of Kapun's death, and he regrets not being able to see him for the last time. On Weibo, Bosco expressed his deepest feelings, which was very touching. In the entertainment circle, Bosco has always been quite popular, everyone left messages to comfort him. When rumored girlfriend Myolie Wu replied encouraging him to not blame himself, they wish Kapun will have a good journey all the way together.

Tries hard holding in tears

The day before, Bosco reveals on Weibo that Kapun passed away due to a bacterial infection. He was rushed to the doctor's office and the doctor said that he has to remain in the animal hospital for treatment, couldn't believe he went and never came back. Bosco writes: "Son! Why did you leave me like that? I didn't even get to see you for the last time, you tell me how can I forgive myself. Seeing your stiff body, holding onto your cold paws, I tried hard holding back my tears because I am the man of the house, my mom besides me already has tears rolling down. I have to take care of the situation. I have to hold back the tears, but my tears are flowing out of my heart, I could only whisper in your ear: 'You will always be the Wong Family's good son, be a human in your next life, we will have father-son fate again.'"

After spending half a day handling his "son" memorial, he writes on Weibo again "I stay quietly at home, silently recalling your shadow, gently sniffing your odor, I know your odor will slowly be gone with the wind, but your odor will always remain in [your] father's heart, you will always have a spot in our family! Son, thank you for bringing me 6 years of happiness. Although it wasn't any substantial long happiness, son, you can go peacefully. Dad will forever love you. Whether your a human or dog in afterlife, Dad will always welcome you back in his arms, leave happily!" This human-dog relationship is just very moving, believe that pet owners can feel the pain and sorrow that Bosco is feeling.

Hope Kapun has a good journey all the way

Myolie Wu comforted Bosco on Weibo: "Don't blame yourself anymore, this is absolutely not the result anyone could see coming, Kapun was sick, you brought him to the doctor, you have done all you could as a responsible father. You have done what you should have done, but no one could predict the final result. Please don't be too sad, we will send our blessings for Kapun to have a good journey together. In the future, with fate can definitely reunite!"  

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: aZnangel @ AEU


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