Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chen Han Dian Wants to Be the Comic Leehom Wang

Only spent four years in the showbiz, Chen Han Dian jumps from being just an unknown assistant host to now a popular artiste. The goofball in popular talk show "Kangxi Laile" is even rumored of earning $260,000 per episode. His manager reveals the secret to his success: keeping the mystery.

To build a mysterious feeling, the "Monga" actor is not allowed to attend to other shows as guest. His personal life would be revealed easily and that would break the mystery. His manager would tell people who invite the 25 year old to their shows: "Do you see Leehom Wang a regular in many shows?"

Not only that, his manager restricted the artiste to appear in public places often with the same reason: keeping the mystery. The young actor cannot even go to pubs like other artistes because his manager afraid his handsomeness would attract lots of girls.

Not even a slip of alcohol is allowed because his image has to be "clean and fresh." His manager would tell him: "Can you imagine Leehom Wang drinking?" The only leisure activities he can do is stay at home, play video games, watch television, or dance crazily in the living room until his family goes shock.

Source: UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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