Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Explosives Engineer At Blame For Selina’s Accident

It’s been half a month since Selina Jen and her costar Yu Hao Ming were severely injured on the set of their drama “I have a date with spring”. According to the production team's investigation, the main cause of the accident was due to operational errors by the explosives engineer.

Five explosion points were setup to go off off one-by-one, but instead, they exploded all at once while the two stars were still running away from them. The investigation report has been submitted to the respective management companies. HIM records said they plan to meet with professionals before commenting on the report.

Many questions were raised after the investigation was made public.  However, that's the least of Ren Ba’s (Selina’s dad) concerns right now, “We are really not blaming anyone. What has passed has passed. We have really let go, and accepted the facts. I only think about her health.

He said his daughter is thankful for the beautiful life she has been given and will frankly accept her scars. Ren Ba also updated his blog on the 10th with some good news -- "Thank you to the greater powers! Hsuan Hsuan (Selina) slept well last night. Today's process of re-applying her medication also went well. Her hands have been wrapped in bandage for two weeks, (but) her left thumb can finally be exposed to see daylight!"

HIM records exec Derek Shih also denied reports of Selina suffering from acute kidney failure. He called the rumors "completely fabricated" and asked the media to refrain from speculating irrationally over her condition. Shih also lashed out at news about various New Year countdown events in the mainland that claimed to have invited S.H.E to perform together. He called it “Ridiculous, not possible!

According to reports, Selina’s costar Yu Hao Ming is still unable to move his arms and legs. He is said to be having trouble with sleeping lately, and has been resting on a turning bed due to the injuries on his back. The process of changing his wound dressing is still extremely painful as one can imagine. On a positive note, his recent fever has subsided and the wounds on his face are also healing.

HIM Records responded on the investigation report on the 10th:

1. The scene of the blast did not have sufficient fire extinguishing equipment:
There were no water buckets or water prepared at the scene of the incident. The wet sacks and fire extinguishers in place were for putting out the fire following the explosion. They were not prepared specifically for preventing the staff from getting hurt.
2. No stunt actors were arranged for the explosion scene:
The production team mentioned there were male and female stunt actors were on site. However, the script shows that the male stunt actor was only there for a fight scene; Moreover, the explosion scene was designed to fulfill the objective of showing the actors’ facial expressions. Both points prove that the stunt actors were not intended for filming the explosion.
3. Unable to provide active and effective medical care:
Immediately after the actors were hurt, the water that the production team claimed to have prepared was nowhere to be seen. In the absence of water preparation, only a small amount of distilled water (drinking water) was used for the emergency. Furthermore, no medical personnel were present at the scene of the incident so the golden hour of rescue was missed.
4. The responsibility of this incident:
The investigation report simply states “The cause of the incident was due to operational errors by the explosives engineer” as the only reason in its conclusion of who is responsible. The whole truth is not disclosed. It lacks in circumspect, and is also unconvincing.
Our company would like the production team to answer the above points, seek the full truth, and eliminate this type of accident from happening again.
Source: Appledaily, Chinatimes, Nownews, UDN / By: PA @ CpopAccess


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