Thursday, November 25, 2010

'Gun Metal Grey' 3rd Promotion Event

Felix Wong attended to the 3rd promotion event for series "Gun Metal Grey" along with Michael Miu, Jessica Hsuan, Nancy Wu, etc after fiercely criticizing TVB. TVB seems to have learned a lesson that they specially arranged leads from the series to be interviewed by "Scoop." Felix was in a good mood at yesterday's event and he expressed: "I'm not angry! I'm just expressing my opinion as a viewer. Maybe I'm dare to speak out. I write out things I don't like. There is freedom of speech here in Hong Kong. (Arranged to be interviewed by "Scoop" to fix relationship?) It's hard to say. 'No Regrets is ending this week, need to divide other times for other series. At least they have the heart to do everything. (Feeling better now?) I already said I wasn't mad."

Felix expressed he has not decide whether to attend to this year's anniversary awards ceremony and will let Michael to decide. Michael joked: "Don't know whether they will invite me or not. Maybe I don't need to go because I'm not in the top 5 nominations."

As for Felix didn't get invited to attend to this year's anniversary gala, Jessica believed it is the problem of respect. She was invited but was unable to attend. She expressed she already know promotios for "No Regrets" would be something different and she is used to her company's arrangement.

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


TVB angers Felix Wong again. There will be a major backlash. Do it again TVB to screw the actors and yourselves!

Felix Wong got no power, no influence, no fan base, no A-grade status, no nothing. He was out of showbiz for so many years.

TVB can screw him any which way they please and any backlash impact will be minimal. They can do it again and if the actor is not careful, will end up being screwed for good!

So nice to him now because they still need good ratings for Gun Metal Grey, duh! Wait till its over, then we'll see.

he's from the previous generation, so i guess its more like a respect we have to give to him.

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