Thursday, November 25, 2010

Selina Ren Has Her 3rd Skin Graft

Selina Ren has finished another skin grafting surgery on the 24th and this is the third one. It was a successful surgery and her record company HIM Record expressed: "Selina's surgery was successful. Larger burned areas are grafted. For smaller burned areas, we hope they can heal on their own."

Awakened after the surgery, Selina expressed she dreamed of Iron Man and his assistant Pepper encouraging her and wishing her to have his toughness and Pepper's optimistic thoughts. Because she fell unconscious during the surgery, she worried she might not able to wake up and see her parents. This made her dad Ren Ba teary: "Silly girl, daddy will always be here to protect you."

Ren Ba disclosed Selina sleeps better now. HIM Record expressed although large wounds are nowcovered with grafts, they cannot regard that as the the end of the first phase treatment for the singer; they must pay close attention to early treatments.

Source: UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


good to hear that Selina is recovering.... Stay strong Selina.... Pull through this period of life hardship.... Dis her sister visit her? It seem there's isn't any news that her sister visiting her...

@jc: hmm that we dont know, maybe b/c there isnt any news profit to write if it were her sister to visit? i know her parents n fiance visit her often. I guess not many people should visit her due to possible infections

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