Monday, November 15, 2010

Jessica Hsuan Only Shows Her Gentle Side to BF

*To all of you Malaysian readers*

 Jessica Hsuan attended to a Bizzy Body beauty event in Malaysia as guest yesterday. Asked how does she keep her body in shape, the actress actually said: "I can be thinner! Some parts you can't see need to be improved." The host asked how does she stay radiant all the time, and she answered: "Drink more water and rest!" In fact the biggest reason is probably because she is in love.

Playing a reporter in new series "Gun Metal Grey," she was asked whether she has the same personality as her character in the series (strong outside, gentle inside) in real life, she said with a laugh: "How do you I'm like that in real life? Everyone probably cannot see my gentle side. Only my boyfriend in this world sees that, not even my parents, haha!"

Asked which one is more important, love or career? She answered: "My manager is here, so both!" So it seems love is more important in her heart.

In "Gun Metal Grey," Jessica expressed they took ideas from real crime cases. The Kitchen Stove Murder case scared the actress a lot. Although she knows it is fake, but thinking that it is inspired from a real story makes her feel not comfortable.

Besides saying she is tough on the outside but gentle inside, Jessica also exposed she likes to wash her car! Someone suddenly made an appaulse for that, and she said: "So you guys want me to wash your cars, too? I once tried polishing my car for 6 hours! Friends really love to ask me to wash their cars!" She even joked it can help her tune up her arm.

Jessica also said: "I haven't been to Malaysia for about a year. I was nervous that I couldn't even sleep last night. I woke up at 5:45AM!" She was very welcomed by fans during the event. Some fans even stopped her at the exist for autographs and she could not leave without the help of security guards.

Source: China Press / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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