Monday, November 15, 2010

Linda Chung Wants a New Rumored BF

Linda Chung and Him Law attended to a cellphone press event together yesterday. Teased herself as being careless all the time, Linda expressed she has many experiences of losing cellphones. She once called the police when she lost her phone in TV City, but ended up finding it in her pocket. She said: "There are many artistes' phone numbers in it. Although I named them with other nicknames, but I still don't want others to know about them. (Any secret photos and SMS?) I'm very careful, no sweet messages."

As for rumored boyfriend Raymond Lam's concert CD and DVD have platinum sales, Linda said she does not know about it, but will congratulate him. She said her rumor with Raymond is very boring already and does not want to talk about it anymore. She said: "I think I need to find someone new, and I hope everyone can focus on my acting and singing." She also took this opportunity to promote her upcoming series "Twilight Investigation" (airing after "No Regrets"). Although she is nominated "Best Actress" at the Anniversary Awards, but she is not confident in winning, but is confident in Charmaine Sheh.

In addition, Him is happy that he is nominated "Most Improved Actor" and "My Favorite Male TV Character" and is confident in winning. He also noted TVB is very fair that it will not just give awards to its "biological children."

Source: Singtao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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