Thursday, November 11, 2010

TVB 43rd Anniversary Press Conference

TVB held an anniversary press conference yesterday and more than 30 artistes attended, including Wayne Lai, Felix Wong, the "Gods," Liza Wang, Carol Cheng, etc. A list of its this year's Anniversary Awards nominees was announced. Almost all the leads from every aired series this year are nominated, including TV King & Queen favorites of this year Wayne and Sheren (No Regrets) and Moses and Charmaine (Can't Buy Me Love).

The competition for TV King is said between Wayne, Moses, Steven Ma, and Raymond Lam; Felix Wong and Kent Cheng are considered "black horses." But Wayne, who was the TV King last year, expressed Moses is strong and he himself might not win this year, so he will not prepare a thank-you speech. After winning the lottery on his birthday, Steven's luck continues as he received 3 nominations in this year's anniversary awards (Best Actor, My Favorite Male TV Character, and Best Host). He and Moses shook hands at the press conference to share the luck. The good brothers, who known each other after filming "Where the Legend Begins" in 2002, even hope to collaborate in the future.

After winning "Most Improved Actor" last year, "Pork Rib Boy" Pierre Ngo is nominated "Best Supporting Actor" this year with "No Regrets." He expressed he looks highly on Evergreen Mak and Dominic Lam. As for whether his attack accident might affect the votes, he said: "They're not related. It depends on the voting of audience and company."

Source: ON.CC / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

At the the Press Conference


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