Sunday, December 12, 2010

Aaron Yan Spends 3 Hrs on Skincare

Aaron Yan is endorsing for a female skincare brand and he discloses he spends 3 hours on skincare everyday. But he minds others saying he is a "flower boy": "I don't want people to think I only rely on my looks." Asked whether he is worried others saying he is acting like a girl, he said: "No, I can attract the homosexual group. Plus there's nothing wrong with it!"

The actor cares about his looks a lot. Not only he plucks eyebrows on his own, he also pays attention to his eyes and he demonstrated how to massage on the area at the press event.

But the Fahrenheit member admits he does have his manly side. he would go to the gym and workout often. When he heard you can have abs with plastic surgery, he jokes: "It's too painful, I don't dare to do that. Plus I don't know if I should take it out when I gets old."

Aaron collaborates with the goddess in his heart Patty Hou in idol drama "Love Buffet." Originally thought Patty is a cold beauty, but she is actually very friendly and even invites him to her Benz to eat: "In the end I dropped my food and it was all over her car, but she wasn't mad and even told me to drop as much as I want."

Source: UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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