Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bernice Liu Dating A New Man?

Is the Ber-Mo love over?

Bernice Liu and Moses Chan's rumored relationship lasts 6 years now and it seems there are changes recently. The actress was seen with a new man last night at a dinner party and that is the CEO of Synergy Lighting Limited Alastair Lam Chung Ho (林忠豪).

After the dinner party, Bernice's 32-year-old new beau drove her to his place and they did not walk out until 3AM. Although they were interrupted by reporters, the two were still in a good mood. Then Alastair drove the actress to a friend's place in Central. They walked out after staying there for a while and Alastair showed his gentleman side by opening the door for Bernice. He drove her back her house did not leave until he saw her entered the building safely.

As for the this new relationship, reporters contacted Bernice but she did not openly admit it yet:

B: Bernice / R: Reporter

B: "We're just friends!"
R: "Is Alastair pursuing you?"
B: "Haha! You go ask him! We're good friends and know each other for some period."
R: "Why did you go to his house?"
B: "Because there was a party after dinner. But I left something behind so I went back to pick it up."

The 31 year old openly praised her new boyfriend: "He is very nice. I studied business management and he's a businessman, so we have this to talk about. I admire young talents."

As for her rumored boyfriend Moses, she just refers him as a friend, like usual.

Source: Oriental Daily / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


OMG, that dude is so fugly!!!!!

Berniceeee....Moses is more handsome then Alastair...

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