Friday, December 3, 2010

Kay's Anniversary Awards Predictions

TVB Anniversary Awards Ceremony is next week on 12/5! Time for some awards predictions!! Top 5 nominations are not out until the ceremony, here are some of my predictions for top 5 nominations and winners:

Best Drama

A Fistful of Stances
Mysteries of Love
Can't Buy Me Love
No Regrets
Gun Metal Grey

**A fight between Can't Buy Me Love & No Regrets....x____x. I like No Regrets better

Best Actor
Steven Ma - Ghost Writer
Raymond Lam - Mysteries of Love
Moses Chan - Can't Buy Me Love
Wayne Lai - No Regrets
Felix Wong - Gun Metal Grey

**Wayne or Moses........

Best Actress
Tavia Yeung - Mysteries of Love
Teresa Mo - Some Day
Jessica Hsuan - A Pillowcase of Mystery II
Charmaine Sheh - Can't Buy Me Love
Sheren Tang - No Regrets

**Between Charmaine & Sheren better....x____x

Best Supporting Actor
Dominic Lam - A Fistful of Stances
Kenneth Ma - Mysteries of Love
Louis Yuen - Can't Buy Me Love
Evergreen Mak - No Regrets
Pierre Ngo - No Regrets

**I'm not supposed to have 2...personally, I would pick Dominic Lam because he really is AWESOME in the drama, so hateful, the flow is good, you see his character development from the beginning to the end. Evergreen Mak is the popular one to win because everyone hates him as Fei Fan Gor, he does all the bad things to hurt others, so selfish. But he is just being a normal bad guy, sometimes I even think he's been a little too 浮誇. I don't know whether TVB will pick it by popularity or by real acting. They're both good though.

Best Supporting Actress
Kara Hui - A Fistful of Stances
Natalie Tong - A Fistful of Stances
Elena Kong - Beauty Knows No Pain
Susanna Kwan - Can't Buy Me Love
Fala Chen - No Regrets

**It's reported Kara Hui would win this award. I do like Elena Kong's Angela Auntie LOL. Fala's role in No Regrets is not bad actually. Hard pick hard pick...

Most Improved Actor
Lam Tsz Sin
King Kong 
Joel Chan 
Raymond Wong
Him Law 

**As a fan, no doubt I'm picking him! As a regular viewer of TVB dramas, still him! Already noticed him when he was still a movie-person, then his first TVB drama. Heavier and better roles little by little. You see him from the beginning of this year to now on TV. I have to say, this award: 非你莫屬!

The only opponent of Raymond is King Kong I would say. I do believe viewers remember him most from Super Trio because of his bad Cantonese. He was on screen for several months because of sitcom OL Supreme, and now No Regrets. Lam Tsz Sin is pretty nice, but not at the right time and not many people remember his name. Him Law only has a little fame from Suspects in Love as a muscle man. Joel Chan still needs some good opportunities to win this award.

Most Improved Actress
Selena Li
Elaine Yiu 
Natalie Tong
Skye Chan 
Mimi Lo 

**It's hard to pick ar!!! >.< I like them all, I really can't decide, can't follow TVB's pattern in this one. I like Natalie Tong...and Elaine Yiu. But TVB might surprise us by selecting another host winner (Skye Chan) or the "revived salted fish" Mimi Lo.

My Favorite Male TV Character
Steven Ma in A Watchdog's Tale
Raymond Lam in Mysteries of Love
Bobby Au-Yeung in A Pillowcase of Mystery II
Moses Chan in Can't Buy Me Love
Wayne Lai in No Regrets

**Either these 3 XD It's a "pork" award---whoever didn't win TV King would usually get this. Personally my pick is...Wayne.

My Favorite Female TV Character
Tavia Yeung in Mysteries of Love
Teresa Mo in Some Day
Charmaine Sheh in Can't Buy Me Love
Fala Chen in Can't Buy Me Love
Sheren Tang in No Regrets

**Either Charmaine or Sheren....

Best Television Program Host

Steven Ma (Apprentice Chef)
Liza Wang, Louis Yuen, Johnson Lee, Wong Cho Lam (Fun With Liza and Gods)
Eric Tsang, Chin Ka Lok, Elvina Kong, King Kong, Otto (Super Trio Game Master)
Sammy Leung, Kristal Tin (The Voice 2)
Bowie Lam, Carlo Ng, Samantha Ko (Health Oddities)

**They're the most popular this year! It's gotta be them, or they will Best TV Program

Good luck to all! Can't wait for the result to come!


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