Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wayne Lai & Sheren Tang Might Win TV King & Queen Again

TVB's 2010 Anniversary Awards is this Sunday and everyone has been discussing who will be this year's TV King and Queen. Audience voting ended on November 28 and all the votes have been calculated. The "professionals"---heads of 6 TVB department including Virginia Lok, Ho Lai Chun, Tommy Leung, and Catherine Tsang---finally voted yesterday and their votes count as 50% of the voting (20% producers, 30% audience).

According to reliable sources, most of these 6 people voted last year's TV King and Queen Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang. As for audience voting, the top 5 nominations for TV King are (random order): Raymond Lam, Steven Ma, Wayne Lai, Felix Wong, and Moses Chan; top 5 nominations for TV Queen are (random order): Charmaine Sheh, Sheren Tang, Linda Chung, Tavia Yeung, and Jessica Hsuan.

However, there could be still changes. Although Wayne's series "No Regrets" just ended last week with high ratings, but Moses' biggest advantage is that he is TVB's "biological son." His only disadvantage is that his "Can't Buy Me Love" ended a while ago and audience might have forgotten his performance.

Source: Oriental Daily / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


Sheren is totally going to win again for sure! ^^

But I think people said that Moses was going to win TV King this year. There's so many leaked news everywhere!!!!

that's why u never know XD it really is hard to say this year.......

Its not a fair process. How can the TVB top management gets 50% of the vote count? That make them very 'powerful', the artistes will have to 'apple polish' them, do all kinds of things for them, make sure they are happy, etc even 'sleep' with them?

And the producers get 20% vote? Of course these producers will vote for their own productions and their own people. Again, the poor actors and actress will have to wine and dine these producers.

No democracy in TVB and Hongkong entertainment scene. Where is the 1 person, 1 vote?

Oh I forgot, HK is not a democracy, it is tied to communist China.

@Anonymous: that's why they're thinking about the Asian Emmy. This anniversary awards is just for fun, not supposed to be professional. they should count REAL professionals instead of the heads of their departments

My dear kay,
Its not just fun, you know. The artistes are taking it very seriously, especially when whoever wins gets life-time recognition, and they have to wait, on average of 10 years to get this coveted title, so it means all the more to them.

Think of all the impending rewards they can get in terms of products sponsorships, leading roles, and recognition among peers.

I bet they 'fight' hard to the awards and hence lend themselves to manipulation by these 'judges'

i mean its just for fun to us audience to watch, we know the deal behind it. ofc its important to the artistes with reasons like u said. they knw whats really behind the scene...well, the show's over now

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