Sunday, December 19, 2010

Raymond Lam Doesn't Need Special Care From TVB

It is said because Raymond Lam is not in the top 10 of Ultimate Song Chart Awards' "My Favorite Male Singer," TVB let him won 4 awards in last night's TVB8 Golden Songs Awards.

Although he has not released a Mandarin album, the actor/singer still won awards from a Mandarin music awards. As for TVB is treating him specially nice, he said: "I'm from TVB8, TVB8 treats me well all the time, no need to receive special care. I don't understand why there are such reports. The audience voted the awards. I don't think I did that well this year, but I've tried hard already. I hope I can spend more time in Mandarin songs next year." As for TVB reconciled with HKRIA and it might be a disadvantage for him to win awards, he said: "It's more important for fans to like our songs. Music industry is a big family and we interact with each other."

As for reports pointed his 4-year relationship with Linda Chung is over, Raymond said: "It's an old rumor. I'm not dating anyone. I've called Linda less than 5 times over these years, mostly about clothes to wear at press events. Like earlier when we held a concert in the US, I only saw her at the press conference or performing venue. Everyone around me has been asking me about it, but rumors are only a promotion tool used by the company."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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